Wednesday, 1 May 2013

PHO24 - Extractor Fan "Instrumental 4, pt1 & pt2"

The sound of British electronic composer has been released on the May Day 2013. This album arrived here in August 2012. It is a sequence of his 4 albums, "Instrumental".  Number 1 was or will be released under the name of Overdog on Animal Fact Records which is ran by an old friend of mine in North London. Number 2 was under his another knowing name of OMMM, apparently appeared on Myspace for one day of its release.  Number 3 has been disappeared unfortunately and it remained a mystery album.
Listeners will be looking for the key to its disappearance within this minimum information on a mysteriously ruined map and inform us if you get the puzzle solved.  Enjoy Extractor Fan's scientific maze.


sample track