Friday, 3 December 2010

PHO18 - KAYAKA "remanence"

Recorded in 2009 at Iceni Village Studio, London, by H.P.
Performed and created by KAYAKA
Artwork by Liqen

"Demented shamanic murmurings from the sole survivor of the Icenia tribal shipwreck disaster which occurred on a full moonrise long ago amongst the waters of the river Zuzu, Nordoz Archipelago, far far away from you in distance and time...

Reinterpreting part of his tale in electrical sound form, the artist here recounts the first moments as the outsider tribesman stumbles through an alien, uncomfortable environment, interacting with and transforming the crash site and broader landscape he touches..."

- Richmond Harrison

"Deceptively packaged in a satanic triangle, what lies within is the very opposite of doom : PROOF (which WAS needed) that you can abandon the niceties of melody, harmony and rhythm without ending up inhuman. A joyous ski run on an avalanche of percussion freak out, happy machines and surveillance noises demonstrating that 'you don't have the blues you think you do'. Five hyenas out of five " - Edmund Davie