Wednesday, 27 October 2010

PHO16 - KAYAKA "Death laid an egg"

"Death laid an egg"
1. The Garden of Foxy Delights
2. hot to kill
3. dozed up n painkillers
4. Cats guts & Rats Nuts
5. Death laid an egg

Music & Artwork by KAYAKA
"The new pellet fired out of the Pighole,

encompasses black yacht in the Gulf of Aden,

Somali children singing to the sea,

trolls riding meteors,

a dead fly in magic lamp unsold at traditional Persian market
and your decapitated head rolling inside a rotten mattress caked in arachnid dung...
This music is a total universal TRIP laid by a sinister hen inadvertently spreading awe across our nebula.
Please download without hesitation."
Richmond Harrison

sample track "the garden of foxy delights"