Thursday, 19 February 2009

PH009 - KayaKing "David Comet"

One of the most critical phases of the flight is coming back to earth which, in the case of the KayaKing, is at a speed of some 2700,000 kilometers or about 1700,000 miles per hour.
The metal bottom of the craft, shaped like a huge neon sign (picture above), freaks out the extreme heat encountered during re-entry into the earth's atmosphere by a thick coating of no-reason. This boils partly away under high temparature, thus keeping the metal shield active and magical. Guidance accuracy now becomes all-important to determine the right site for "splash-down" in the ocean.

David Comet
1. key pants ( leon mix )
2. Vox VincentSE Today
3. boomerang of the fun
4. hotduck
5. David Eaters
6. neon (leon mix)
7. Luv and Bumfire

guest: Leon Horacio (Vox on hotduck)
recorded at Iceni Village Studio, Feb 2009


sample track "hotduck"