Sunday, 4 May 2008

PH003 - horacio pollard "muth heart"

muth heart / horacio pollard
this album costs coz he wants so. 3pounds plus postage. contact him at

Oh yeah, we got a cool review;
"Work done in the vein of Chocolate Monk mush, Pollard puts forward scratch-card noise collages and power cable fluid spill on Muth Heart. The grand sci-fi blocked drain splurge on the title track is worth emphasising, but the ambitious fourteen minute ‘Six MM Slax’ is the real clincher. A mega-maul of everything previous with a violet heart pulsing at its core, Pollard sculpts something with skin, veins and sodden guts. "(by Scott, rocka-rolla magazine)

sample track "boilet harmony"

muth heart
1. boilet harmony
2. angli goiunty
3. London Humter
4. muth heart
5. Go Pauline
6. Six mm Slax